Former PhD Students

S. Lucyszyn: Design of  Ultrawideband Microwave Phase Shifters, PhD, 1993

M. Gillick: MMICs using CPW and multilayer techniques, PhD, 1994

D. Sanchez-Hernandez: GaAs MMIC Integrated Antennas, PhD, 1996

C. Oztek-Yerli: Microwave Modulators,  MSc by Research, 1996

S. Miya: Millimetre-wave Circuit Design, MSc by Research, 1996

A. Algiannakis: Ray tracing simulation for antenna sectorisation, PhD, 1997

A. Baree: Microwave Mixers, started October 1992, PhD, 1997.

U. Karacaoglu: Active Filters, started October 1993, PhD, 1997

S. Economides: High Efficiency Power Amplifiers, PhD, 1999.

J. Bharj: Power amplifier linearisation, part-time (Matra-Marconi), PhD, 1998

S-I. Nam: Wireless Communications Transceivers,  PhD, 1999.

T. Gokdemir: Coplanar Waveguide Circuits, PhD, 1999

G. Passiopoulos: Sectored Antennas, PhD, 1999

A. Ebrahim-Ashtiani: Microwave Modulators, PhD, 2000

M. Chongcheawchamnan: Power Amplifier Linearisation, PhD, 2001

K. S. Ang: Mixers and Oscillators, PhD, 2001

N. Siripon: Balanced and Injection-Locked Oscillators, PhD, 2002

C. Y. Ng: Microwave Mixers and Modulators using Multilayer Technology, PhD, 2003

M. Aftanasar: Thick-Film Technology, PhD, 2003

B. Altrabsheh:, Microwave Multiprobe Reflectometers, PhD, 2003

I. Stamatopoulos: Mode matching analysis of laminated RWGs, PhD, 2003 (originally Dr Lucyszyn’s student)

N. Garg: RF CMOS Mixer Design, MSc by Research, 2003

U. Nandiwada: Mixer Linearisation, MSc by Research, 2003

L. B. Lok: Low Phase Noise Oscillators, MRes (Distinction) , 2003

K. Tsakmakidis: FDTD Modelling of TW-HPTs, MRes (Distinction) , 2003

S. Bunnjaweht, Low Noise Oscillators, PhD, 2005

R. Sobrany, Multilayer Transmission Line Transformers, PhD, 2005

D. Stephens, Millimetre-wave Imaging Arrays, PhD, 2005

A. Azirar, LINC Transmitters, PhD, 2005

T. Lim, Travelling-Wave Photodetectors, PhD, 2005

I. Jalaly, RFID, PhD, 2005

J. Shohat, High Efficiency Optical Driver Amplifiers, PhD, 2005

K. Samanta, Millimetre-Wave Transceiver MCMs, PhD, 2006

L. B. Lok, Novel Receiver Architectures, PhD, 2007

M. F. Shafique, LTCC Laser Prototyping, PhD 2009

Yunhua Zhang, THz Fibres, PhD 2010

Liwen Huang SIW Filters using CSRRs, PhD 2013

R. M. A. Lee, LTCC 3D Components, PhD 2014

Lukui Jin, SIW and Dielectric Waveguide Antennas, PhD 2014